SampleScience releases Da Vinyl Box: A Free Hip Hop Production Pack

Pierre Parenteau from SampleScience has been researching and working hard to develop a set of sounds for hip-hop music production called Da Vinyl Box. This is a free collection of samples that were taken from various audio recordings and public domain movies. Once the audio parts were gathered, Pierre has transformed them into high-quality audio loops and has split them according to different BPM rates. Then, he prepared them to be used as hip hop samples.

The audio set released by SampleScience contains samples, beats and loops. It is free to use for anyone who wants to produce hip hop music, including commercial projects. All you need to do to begin using the samples is to integrate them into a sampler or DAW. In the audio package, the files are grouped into seven folders: breakbeats, music loops, bass loops, percussion, one-shot, FX and vocals. 263 audio samples and loops are available in the set. The majority of these loops include data about tempo and key information, and this can be great for anyone who wants to use them in a project or more.

What Pierre has managed to create is a set of sounds of an incredibly high quality despite the fact that downloading the pack is free of charge. The user will be amazed of the quality and diversity of sounds that can be found in the public domain. If you download the pack, you will get numerous drum loops, vinyl noise recordings, bass riffs, some amazing sound effects and cool percussive hits.

Da Vinyl Box can be downloaded from the official SampleScience website. The pack is free, but you are asked if you want to support the site by making a donation. You will receive the link to download the pack by email. Another great thing from SampleScience is the virtual instrument called Famicom that sounds like the old gaming console with the same name. This console is popularly known as NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). The instrument is commercial, but you can download a free version from Samples containing two free presets that are also available in the commercial version.


Da Vinyl Box is a zip archive of 132 Mb, and the files are 16-bit wav and can be downloaded from Samplescience

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