Electric Space Guitars Sample Pack

Newly available from Loopmasters, the Electric Space Guitars sample library is available for a low cost and features a wide variety of spaced out guitar riffs created exclusively for the Organic Loops library. This promotional package features a sampling of 84 different loops from the full version.

The available loops consist of 21 unique guitar riffs, each of which has four separate sound settings. Combining all riffs and sound options results in a total of 84 different loops. For a sampler, this is a sizable package. Additionally, the sample pack includes a discount code for the complete version, if you want to expand the amount of loops and effects in your Electric Space Guitars library.

Each of the 21 riffs is available in the following settings:

Clean: processed with a Fender Deluxe amplifier

Room: recorded with two individual microphones inside a spacious room

Spaced: created using delay effects from vintage equipment like the Echocord Mini Tape Echo and the Roland RE 201 Space Echo

Full Mix: this options is simply a fully mixed version of the three effects above

In this version of Electric Space Guitars, all loops are given a tempo of 100 beats per minute. However, if you purchase the complete version, you can adjust the beats per minute between 75 and 130.

I’ve been satisfied with the sound quality of this sample pack and recommend using a sampler to adjust timing and slice the samples. Shortcircuit 1 is an excellent freeware product for this kind of work. The full version obviously offers a much larger sample library with a wider variety of options, but overall having four sound settings for each riff in the sampler version makes it well worth the download.

Video Demo


Electric Space Guitars sampler pack can be downloaded for a small fee at the Loopmasters (size is 225 MB)

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