SampleScience releases Da Vinyl Box: A Free Hip Hop Production Pack

Pierre Parenteau from SampleScience has been researching and working hard to develop a set of sounds for hip-hop music production called Da Vinyl Box. This is a free collection of samples that were taken from various audio recordings and public domain movies. Once the audio parts were gathered, Pierre has transformed them into high-quality audio loops and has split them according to different BPM rates. Then, he prepared them to be used as hip hop samples.

The audio set released by SampleScience contains samples, beats and loops. It is free to use for anyone who wants to produce hip hop music, including commercial projects. All you need to do to begin using the samples is to integrate them into a sampler or DAW. In the audio package, the files are grouped into seven folders: breakbeats, music loops, bass loops, percussion, one-shot, FX and vocals. 263 audio samples and loops are available in the set. The majority of these loops include data about tempo and key information, and this can be great for anyone who wants to use them in a project or more.

What Pierre has managed to create is a set of sounds of an incredibly high quality despite the fact that downloading the pack is free of charge. The user will be amazed of the quality and diversity of sounds that can be found in the public domain. If you download the pack, you will get numerous drum loops, vinyl noise recordings, bass riffs, some amazing sound effects and cool percussive hits.

Da Vinyl Box can be downloaded from the official SampleScience website. The pack is free, but you are asked if you want to support the site by making a donation. You will receive the link to download the pack by email. Another great thing from SampleScience is the virtual instrument called Famicom that sounds like the old gaming console with the same name. This console is popularly known as NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). The instrument is commercial, but you can download a free version from Samples containing two free presets that are also available in the commercial version.


Da Vinyl Box is a zip archive of 132 Mb, and the files are 16-bit wav and can be downloaded from Samplescience

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New Lo-Fi Samples Pack from Modern Samples

Modern Samples, the online place to find high quality drum samples has just launched their latest offering of over 200 lofi samples called Lo-Fi Drums Collection.  These sounds were professionally mixed and are ready for use in Trap, Hip Hop and modern pop music.  The original samples cam from drum machinecs and live recordings and were processed from there.

Inside the kit you get 13 Claps, 20 Crashes & Splashes, 32 Effected, 43 kicks, 43 percs, 23 perch low, and 35 snare samples.  All these samples were processed using the highest quality plugins, analog gear and “secret-sauce” as they would say.

Here’s what they had to say about lo-fi sounds in today’s music environment:

“Ever since artists like Kanye West, Drake, and the Weeknd have popularized the “lo-fi” sound it has crossed many genres like Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop and Rock music.  Working with top industry professionals, pop artists like Jessie J., Selena Gomez, Adele and even Taylor Swift have all been incorporating lo-fi drums into their songs.”

  • Modern Samples (Lo-Fi Drums Collection)

BONUS LOOPS – On top of the amazing lo-fi sounds that come inside this pack, you also get access to over 30 really high quality lo-fi loops.  These loops were added as a bonus add-on and they sound absolutely incredible.  In fact, the entire kit sounds great even though they are situational.  I would still recommend them for any producer/engineer to add them to their collection.


Check out the walkthrough video of the kit.


Lo-fi Drums Collection contains 209 one shots & 33 loops and can be downloaded via Modern Samples.  The lo-fi samples are all 24 bit, 44.1 kHz and are 100% royalty free.

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Loops de la Crème Announces Free Surprise Sample Pack

Loops De La Creme, the online music sample library store, has announced it is releasing a Surprise Sample Pack Version 2. SSP2 is a free to download sample pack featuring audio loops, instrumental samples, and patches for the NI Kontakt Player. It is classified as donationware – free to download with no minimum donation).

This sample pack is unique in that users don’t know the contents of the sample pack before downloading it. But fear not, because BPB is here to spill the beans and give you the lowdown on exactly what is inside Surprise Sample Pack 2! Spoiler Alert – If you would prefer the contents to be a surprise then skip reading and go straight to Loops Da Creme Bandcamp and download this amazing sample pack now.

For those of you who have decided to read on, here are the juicy details. The contents of this Surprise Sample Pack 2 are sorted into three separate categories – one-shot samples, loops and KI (Kontakt Instrument) patches. The one-shot files are standard WAV format (24-bit, 48 KHZ), and they feature a diverse collection of sounds ranging from cool electronic perc hits to complex sound effects. There is a total of 49 one-shot samples included in Surprise Pack 2.

The loop section of the sample pack is organized into three distinct groups – progressive tribal sounds, vintage drums and organic sound textures. There are 14 loops in total, each with its own unique and high-quality sound. The tribal loops are particularly outstanding, and I highly recommend them – I will most certainly be using them myself in the future!

Finally, we have the Kontakt Instrument section of the Surprise Sample Pack 2. This is a powerful sub bass patch that is perfect for lovers of hip-hop or other similar music with a strong emphasis on deep bass. The sub bass in based on a sine wave and gives users the options to layer with other sounds using just one click of the mouse. You can saturate the bass notes as well in the Kontakt player with the simple custom user interface.

In summary, the Surprise Sample Pack 2 is a wonderful collection of sounds. The fact that it can be downloaded completely for free is a bonus (although donations are recommended because it is an extremely high-quality group of sounds). You can download it from the Bandcamp page linked below, and I highly recommend to do so if you are a music enthusiast. There are numerous other worthwhile freebies on the Loops De La Creme website including the previous iteration of this sample pack that was released a while ago.

Audio Demo


Surprise Sample Pack 2 is available for free download now via Loops de La Creme!! You can also listen to a free sample first at the Bandcamp webpage before downloading. (File size 67.7 MB, ZIP archive, contains 49 audio samples and 14 audio loops all in pristine 24-bit WAV format and 1 Kontakt Instrument patch.)

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Electric Space Guitars Sample Pack

Newly available from Loopmasters, the Electric Space Guitars sample library is available for a low cost and features a wide variety of spaced out guitar riffs created exclusively for the Organic Loops library. This promotional package features a sampling of 84 different loops from the full version.

The available loops consist of 21 unique guitar riffs, each of which has four separate sound settings. Combining all riffs and sound options results in a total of 84 different loops. For a sampler, this is a sizable package. Additionally, the sample pack includes a discount code for the complete version, if you want to expand the amount of loops and effects in your Electric Space Guitars library.

Each of the 21 riffs is available in the following settings:

Clean: processed with a Fender Deluxe amplifier

Room: recorded with two individual microphones inside a spacious room

Spaced: created using delay effects from vintage equipment like the Echocord Mini Tape Echo and the Roland RE 201 Space Echo

Full Mix: this options is simply a fully mixed version of the three effects above

In this version of Electric Space Guitars, all loops are given a tempo of 100 beats per minute. However, if you purchase the complete version, you can adjust the beats per minute between 75 and 130.

I’ve been satisfied with the sound quality of this sample pack and recommend using a sampler to adjust timing and slice the samples. Shortcircuit 1 is an excellent freeware product for this kind of work. The full version obviously offers a much larger sample library with a wider variety of options, but overall having four sound settings for each riff in the sampler version makes it well worth the download.

Video Demo


Electric Space Guitars sampler pack can be downloaded for a small fee at the Loopmasters (size is 225 MB)

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