Aphelion V1.5 Free By Particular-Sound. The Best Cinematic GUI Of Our Time?

Enjoy free cinematic audio content for Native Instruments Kontakt and other WAV samplers. With Aphelion V1.5 FREE by Particular-Sound, you will have access to a library that contains loops in 24 bit .WAV format has nine instrument patches and hosts 108 audio samples to use.

The NI Kontakt patches have been built around a custom designed user interface that gives you good control over the sounds. While it might not be the most user-friendly interface to work with, it more than makes up for it in functionality. The GUI allows for control over various modules such as the step sequencer, amplitude envelope, filters and built-in effects like reverb and flanging. The great thing is you can make your adjustments within the interface and can avoid going to the instrument editor.

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While Aphelion V1.5 Free is great, it doesn’t come without restriction. They have added a time limit of fifteen minutes. So, if you just want to play around it’s okay but for only 34.99 you can unlock the full version.

This will allow you to unlock all of the WAV files so that it can be used with any virtual instrument or DAW system. Great for non-Kontakt users as you will be able to use these audio files with other applications.

The full version also adds more depth to the library by adding a variety of build-up sequences, impacts and swooshes that work perfectly with modern electronica and cinematic soundtracks. They also beef up your sound bank to almost four gigabytes of audio content.

Download for free by visiting the product page by clicking the link below. Once there, scroll down the page until you see the Aphelion V1.5 Free section. After you are at the free section, you can start your download by going through the link on the sidebar.


Check out the complete copy of The Aphelion Sound Bank here.


Aphelion V1.5 Frev is a free download via Particular-Sound.  It contains 108, audio samples, nine instrument patches to use for the NI Kontakt. It comes with a zip archive, and the download size is 207MB.

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